Current Rector and Pro-rector

Current Rector

Rector Dr.Myo Nyunt (Ph.D (Mining))

QUALIFICATION                 Ph.D, M.E,M.Phil,BE(Mining)

Work Experience of Rector

Work Experience of Rector(1992-current time)
(1)1992-1996: Demonstrator, Yangon Technological University
(2) 1996-2000: Assistant Lecturer, Yangon Technological University
(3) 2000-2005: Lecturer, Yangon Technological University
(4) 2005-2009: Associated Professor, Yangon Technological University
(5) 2009-20015: Professor, Yangon Technological University
(6) 2015-20015: Pro-rector, Yangon Technological University
(7) 2015-20016: Pro-rector, Technological University (Monywa)
(8) 2016-2017: Pro-rector, Mandalay Technological University
(9) 2017-20018: Pro-rector, Technological University (Mandalay)
(10) 2018-current tie: Rector, Technological University (Monywa)

Current Rector's Papers

NoField of Research PaperName of Research Paper
1Research paper for M.Phill(1998), YIT(a)Environmental Issues in Mineral Industries
(b)The Advanced Practices of Rock Breaking
(c)A Study on Common Rock Reinforcement Methods
(d)Strategic Planning and Mining Methods for Small Scale Gold Mines
(e) Practical Approach to Tunnel Support and Lining
(f) A Study on Psychrometry in Mine Ventilation
2Planning and Management Modeling of an Environmentally Sound Mining Project (M.E thesis)Regard to Related Laws and Practices in Myanmar,1999.
3Preliminary Ph.D Thesis(Plan B), YTUSystematic approach to environmental conservation in mineral resources development, 2001
4Ph.D Thesis,YTUEnvironmental Assessment and Conservation for Industrial Projects,2004
5Asia Europe Journal, Vol 6, Number 2, p.293-306, Springer Publication, GermanyDevelopment of Environmental management mechanism in Myanmar,2008
6International Conference on Coal Mining and Utilization for Sustainable Development 2017 ,ThailandCoral Deposits and Coal Mining in Myanmar
Pro-rector Dr.Aung Myo Linn

Ph.D (Mechanical)

Work Experience of Pro-rector

Work Experience of Pro-rector
(1)1999-2002: Demonstrator, Inn Sein (THS)
(2) 2002-2005: Assistant Lecturer, Inn Sein(THS)
(3) 2005-2006: Lecturer, Inn Sein (THS)
(4) 2006-2006:Lecturer(), Kyauk See(GTU)
(5) 2006-2006: Headmaster, Pakuaku (GTU)
(6) 2007-2009: Headmaster, Pinlon(GTU)
(7) 2009-2010: Lecturer, Technological University(Maguay)
(8)2010-2012: Associated Professor, Technological University(Maguay)
(9) 2012-2016: Associated Professor, Technological University (Thalyan)
(10) 2016-2017: Professor, Pyay Technological University
(11) 2017-2017: Professor, Technological University (Hmawbi)
(12) 2017-2019: Headmaster, Technological University (Lashow)
(13) 2019-current time: Pro-rector, Technological University (Monywa)

Pro- Rector's Papers

NOPaper Title
11. “Design of Intermediate Transmission Unit for Railbus”, Proceeding of the First International Conference on Science and Engineering (ICSE 2009), Volume -2, 4-5 December, 2009, Yangon, Myanmar.
22. “Design of Prototype for Cross-flow Turbine (3.5kW)”, Proceeding of the Third International Conference on Science and Engineering (ICSE 2011), Volume -2, 1-2 December, 2011, Yangon, Myanmar.
33. “Design of Simple Undershoot Water Wheel Plant”, Proceeding of the Fourth International Conference on Science and Engineering (ICSE 2013), Volume -2, 9-10 December, 2013, Yangon, Myanmar.
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