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IT major means Information Technology Engineering Program. This program focus on seven fields. These are (i) Digital and Electronics, (ii) Network and Communication, (iii) Computer System, (iv) Distributed System, (v) Software Engineering, (vi)Database and (vii) Signal Processing and Control.

Information Technological Department


To become a recognized University by offering engineering education and research opportunity to produce well-rounded and qualified engineers who are able to communicate effectively and conduct ethically in their professions


  1. To offer the youths of the region quality engineering education, good research practices and innovative skills

  2. To generate a good learning environment that favours effective University Industry links for the students

  3. To nurture the well-rounded engineers who can take a good leadership role and get effective communication skill through teamwork, collaboration and cooperation with the diverse engineering institutions

  4. To educate the qualified engineers who are committed to assuming ethical responsibilities and making continual improvement of their engineering professions.

For the research, Information Technology Department can just handle the under graduated projects and graduated thesises.
First Year IT
1M -11011 & M- 12011

2E -11011 & E -12011 English
3EM- 11001& EM- 12001

Engineering Mathematics I & II
4E.Ch. 11011& E.Ch. 12011Engineering Chemistry I & II
5E.Ph. 11011 & E.Ph. 12011 Engineering Physics I & II
6ME- 11011 & ME- 12011Basic Engineering Drawing I & II
7IT- 11013 & IT- 11013 Introduction to Computer Systems
Second Year IT
Snr.noCode Subject
1E -21011 & E -22011

2EM- 21003 & EM- 22004 Engineering Mathematics III & IV
3IT- 21011 & IT- 22011 Basic Electricity and Electronics

4IT- 21021 & IT- 22021 Digital Logic Design
5IT- 21012 & IT- 22012 Data Communications
6IT- 21015 & IT- 22015 Programming Language in C++
7IT- 21025 & IT- 22025Web Development Technologies I
Third Year IT
1E -31011 & E -32011
2EM -31005 & EM -32006Engineering Mathematics V & VI
3 IT-31022 & IT-32022Computer Networks
4IT -31035 & IT -32035Web Development Technologies II
5IT- 31045 & IT- 32045
Programming Language in Java
6 IT- 31055 & IT- 32055 Data Structure
7IT -31016 & IT -32016 Database Management Systems
Fourth Year IT
1E- 41011 & E- 42011
2EM- 410087& EM- 42008Engineering Mathematics VII & VIII
3IT- 41032 & IT- 42032Advanced Computer Networks

4IT -41023 & IT -42023Computer Architecture and Organization
5IT- 41033 & IT- 42033Operating Systems
6IT- 41026 & IT- 42026 Advanced Data Management Techniques
7IT- 41017 & IT- 42017 Modern Control Systems
Fifth Year IT
1IT 51043 & IT 52043

Embedded Systems
2IT 51014 & IT 52014 Cloud Computing
3IT 51065 & IT 52065 Software Engineering

4IT 51027 & IT 52027 Digital Signal Processing
5IT 51037 & IT 52037
Digital Image Processing
6IT 51058 & IT 52058 Integrated Design Project
Sixth Year IT
1HSS -61011 Humanities and Social Science
2IT- 61042 Wireless and Mobile Communications

3IT- 61052 Network Planning and Management
4IT -61075 Project Management

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of Information Technology:

  1. To develop the skills required to comprehend, analyse, design and create innovative computing products and solutions for real life problems and to succeed higher education and professional careers in area of computer science with an emphasize on software and hardware development.
  2. To include professional behavior and ethical attitude, communication and teamwork skills, multi-disciplinary approach and leadership qualities in computer engineering issues with social awareness.
  3. To become effective problem solvers, apply knowledge with social sensitivity for the betterment of the society and humanity as a whole and engage in research capabilities and life-long learning

           Graduate Attributes (GAs) of Information Technology :

  1. Apply and acquire fundamental knowledge of mathematics, and sciences to solve complex computer engineering problem;
  2. Analyze real world complex computer engineering problems using knowledge and principles of mathematics, natural sciences and computer sciences;
  3. Design and implement a computer-based system, process, and program to meet desired needs;
  4. Investigate complex computer engineering problems including literature survey, design and conduct of experiments, analysis and interpretation of experimental data and synthesis of information to derive valid results;
  5. Identify, formulate and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering ICT tools, including prediction and modeling, to tackle complex IT engineering actives;
  6. Apply the contextual knowledge to assess society, health, cultural issues and professional engineering practice;
  7. Understand and integrate current techniques, skills and tools necessary for sustainable development;
  8. Apply ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities of IT engineering practice;
  9. Work individually or as a member with responsibilities to function on multidisciplinary teams;
  10. Practice communication, problem solving and decision-making skills through the use of appropriate technology and with the understanding of the business environment;
  11. Manage projects in related IT fields as a member and leader in project teams;
  12. Learn advanced ICT technologies for lifelong learning independently.

Teacher List at IT Department

1Dr.Khaing Pyae Pyae NyeinProfessor (Head of Department)Ph.D (IT)
2Dr.Khin Myo ThantAssociated Professor Ph.D (IT)
3Dr.Thwe Thwe OoAssociated Professor Ph.D (IT)
4Dr. Khaing Myat MonAssociated Professor Ph.D (IT)
5Dr.Phyu Phyu ThweAssociated Professor M.E (IT)
6Daw Kay Khine LattLecturer B.E (IT)
7Dr.Ei Ei MonLecturer Ph.D (Engineering)
8Daw Zar Chi Ko Ko HeinLecturer M.E (IT)
9Daw Ei Ei MyintLecturer M.E (IT)
10Daw Yin Yin NyoLecturer M.E (IT)
11Daw Ni Ni WinLecturer M.E (IT)
12Daw Thin Thu Thu TunLecturer M.E (IT)
13Dr. Aye Aye MyatLecturer Ph.D (IT)
14Daw Aye Aye NaingAssistant Lecturer B.E (IT)

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